Toucan Barbet and Western Andes Pacific slopes (Cali)

Toucan Barbet and Western Andes Pacific slopes Cali

We’ll go birding to the upper part of the Old Buenaventura road closer to the Cloud Forest , el Descanso is the humble but charming House of the Famous among birders Miss Dora. “Doña Dora” is a hard working woman that placed hummingbird and fruit feeders to atract many birds, is the best place to see birds like the gorgeous Toucan Barbet, Green Thorntail, Rufous Throated Tanager, Silver throated Tanager and many more. During this day we may see birds including, Crowned Woodnymph, Club winged Manakin, Masked Tityra, Sooty headed Wren, Black Solitaire, Three striped Warbler, White shouldered Tanager, Lemon rumped Tanager, Purple Honeycreeper, Green Honeycreeper, Buff Throated Saltator, endemic Crested Ant Tanager, Scarlet Rumped Cacique, White whiskered Hermit, Violet Tailed Sylph, White tailed Hillstar, Moustached Puffbird, Smoky brown Woodpecker, Pacific Antwren, Parker’s Antbird, Chocó Tapaculo, endemic Tatamá Tapaculo,  Brown billed Scythebill, Slaty backed Chat Tyrant, Bright rumped Attila, Lemon Browed Flycatcher, Golden winged Manakin, Black Chinned Mountain Tanager, Bay headed Tanager, Golden collared Honey creeper, Black headed Brushfinch, and Yellow collared Chlorophonia, among others.


Land transportation by air-conditioned 4×4 private vehicle
Guided bird watching
Fee at el Descanso

We will pick you up at 4:00 am at your hotel and two hours later we will arrive to El Descanso , where we will be birding at the feeders and along the upper part of the old Buenaventura Road. After lunch around 3:00 pm we will return to Cali to drop you at your hotel around 5:30 pm.