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Our birding Tours have brought and will continue bringing income to several conservation NGOs like ProAves. By staying at ProAves Reserves we have been supporting their efforts to protect the forests of the  Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Perijá Mountains, and other important sites for endangered biodiversity. We have supported community engagement projects that raise awareness and conservation of birds like Montezuma Rainforest, Yarumo Blanco at Otun Quimbaya, Alas Putumayo at Mocoa, and many more. Every time you travel with us, you are helping the amazing birds you see. PICULET BIRDING  has a strong commitment to conservation, so a minimum of USD $50 from each PICULET BIRDING registration will go directly to Colombian Conservation NGOs (starting in July 2018). Our goal is to positively impact bird populations and species diversity in Colombia, by supporting a variety of conservation efforts, from habitat preservation to captive breeding of endangered species, and population  research. PICULET BIRDING will start contributing this year, 2018, to the following Colombian conservation organizations (You can see on each tour page which of these organizations we will be helping):



Centro de Conservación de Aves Rapaces Neotropicales (Neotropical Raptors Conservation Center) is another project located in La Reserva Biopark close to Bogotá. It’s main function is to look for the conservation of this emblematic group of birds, which has always aroused the admiration of humanity and which has in Colombia the greatest amount of species on the planet.


FADA (Fundación Águilas De los Andes/ Andean Eagles Foundation) a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey. For over 15 years They have rehabilitated raptors, and now they want to take the next step and actively work on the conservation of these birds from two other angles: environmental education and biological research.


Asociación Calidris (Calidris Association) have worked for more than 25 years contributing to conservation of the Colombian avifauna and the strategic ecosystems associated with it.  Calidris is a non-profit non-governmental organization, based in Cali, Colombia, that reaches different regions of the country and works in cooperation with various national and international organizations.