Antbirds Paradise: San Cipriano (Cali)

Piculet Birding Tours Colombia | Antbirds Paradise San Cipriano
Antbirds Paradise: San Cipriano (Cali)​

We will leave the hotel in Cali at 3:30 am. It’ll take us two and a half hours to arrive to Cordoba, a town where we will ride on a Brujita (little witch in Spanish) that will take us to San Cipriano. A Brujita is a wooden cart that goes on the railroad propelled by a motorcycle. It’s a whole lot of fun and the only way to get to the Natural Reserve of San Cipriano. This is one of the more humid areas in the planet, the Tropical Humid Forest  and the literary analysis essay topics ideas how to write an annotated bibliography in mla emerald green pristine water of  San Cipriano River makes this an spectacular scenery with lots of Antbird specialties. Once in San Cipriano, we’ll hike through different paths next to the San Cipriano River. In this Antbird paradise we may find Black crowned Antshrike, Checker throated Antwren, Pacific Antwren, Dot winged antwren, Chestnut backed Antbird, Stub tailed Antbird, Bicolored Antbird, Zeledon’s Antbird, and the rare and hard to find Ocellated Antbird. We may also see birds like Collared Aracari , Purple crowned Fairy, Chestnut Headed Oropendola,  Black breasted and Pied Puffbird, White tailed and BlueTailed Trogon, Scarlet browed Tanager, Golden headed Tanager, Blue Whiskered Tanager, Plumbeous pigeon, Dusky Pigeon,Pallid Dove, Tiny Hawk, Rufous Motmot, Black cheeked woodpecker, Cinnamon Woodpecker, Ringed Kingfisher, Black capped pigmy Tyrant, White ringed Flycatcher, Thicket Antpitta, Purple throated Fruitcrow, Golden collared Manakin, Bay wren, Buff rumped Warbler, Scaly breasted Wren, Masked Tityra, Black tipped Cotinga, Cinnamon Becard, Black chested Jay, Southern Rough winged swallow, Rufous winged Tanager, Tawny crested and Dusky Faced Tanager, Orange bellied euphonia among others.




Land transportation by air-conditioned 4×4 private vehicle

Guided bird watching

Entrance to San Cipriano Natural reserve

We’ll head back to Cali after lunch around 3:00 pm and we will drop you at your hotel around 5:30 pm.