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photo: Piculet Birding Tours Colombia. Endemic Grayish piculet

PICULET BIRDING is proud to offer quality birding adventures, led by expert English and Spanish speaking guides. Our passionate and experienced professional tour leaders are Colombians or people who live in Colombia with extensive knowledge of the country and its birds. We want our clients to share in the excitement and fun of a top-notch birding adventure and to provide them the best service possible. Being a Local Colombian Company based in Cali, we are able to offer excellent value, carefully arranged, proven, and seamlessly conducted  tours.

We are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism. We want the local people to benefit from our tours, providing fair work opportunities and support for local projects within the communities we visit. By doing our tours in small groups we ensure there is not going to be a negative impact on the environme. We also support and promote conservation and social initiatives (See Conservation). We do a lot of work with our customers, employees and local guides to develop a meaningful connection with all the places we visit. We want everyone to learn to appreciate Colombia’s biodiversity and natural resources.

The mission of our company is to ensure the tour participants have the best experience in Colombia and fall in love with our beautiful country. All the guides we use have brilliant birding and people skills. We do not measure a tour’s success only by the birds seen but by the smile on your face at the tour’s end. Having a friendly group that bonds and shares wonderful moments, memories, and laughs during meals at the end of a superb day of birding, is the greatest reward we as tour operators can have. Our Tours are not scientific expeditions or Big Day competitions-they are vacations!  

More than 1,000 satisfied customers, from over 250 Daytrips,  and more than 40 successful Tours (Private and Scheduled) in the past five years  has built our sterling reputation in Colombia. Participants who have returned 2 or 3 times  for birding in Colombia have become more and more frequent. Cali Tours / Birding Colombia was the name our company used until June 2018, when we decided to grow and become PICULET BIRDING. PICULET BIRDING is a new name for a mature company with more than 12,000 hours of experience in the field. Why the name PICULET?  Colombia is the country that has the most species of piculets in the world, one of them endemic, the Grayish Piculet (Picumnus Granadensis). We love and always feel amazed by these tiny birds from the Woodpecker family. We are looking forward to showing them to you!

You can see what our customer have to say about us on Trip Advisor 

“I have been on four multi-day tours and many day trips with Julio, and each one has always been better than the last. I have seen a lifetime worth or birds with Julio, and I could not ask for a better bird guide and tour coordinator. I am always impressed by Julio’s skill as a birder, but his ability to manage groups, reservations, and all the other aspects of leading tours and expeditions is even more impressive. Having traveled extensively in Colombia, I can tell you that there is no one better to travel with and see birds than Julio Delgado”. Erik Playe (USA) – Central Andes, Putamayo, Tatama, Anchicaya and more!

“We use Julio Delgado over December 2017 as our tour guide to visit Silvia Market and Popayan. He is the best guide! His passion and knowledge of Cali and nature is just GREAT. He was very good and patient with my 10 and 12 year old daughters…” – Hermiena Lombaard (South Africa ) Cultural Cali – Popayan Tour  December 2017

“….Personal service, small group size, reasonable cost and expert guiding are reasons that I would use Cali Tours for my next visit.”  Gary Strandemo (USA ) 8 Days Birding Tour January 2018

“I have been birding around the world for 50 years. The trip Cali Tours organized for my wife and me to Colombia in January 2018 was by far the most rewarding birding adventure of all. Our guide, Juan Cardona, was amazing. He excelled at spotting birds in the forest, often first locating them just by their call, anticipating where they fly to and thus where they could be best observed by us, and then patiently helping us see them…” John Harte (USA ) 12 Days Birding Tour February 2018

“I took a 7 day birding tour with Birding Colombia that they tailored just for me. From the start it was brilliant. First we went to see Condors in the high Andes, as that was my top bird for the trip.From there we went to lower mountain forests and wetlands and down to Pacific coast tropical forest. In all I saw 248 species, at least 240 were lifers. Colombia was safe, clean, beautiful and very friendly. Julio and Juan the guides treated me like an old friend and I will definitely return.” Robert Oates  (UK ) 7 Days Private Birding Tour September 2017

Piculet Birding Staff

Miles McMullan

Miles McMullan is the author of the fieldguides to the birds of Colombia, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, Hummingbirds of the world and collaborates as a writer for many Newspapers and Magazines. He was born in Ireland, but has been living in Colombia for more than a decade. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Ulster, and he has been leading tours for more than 20 years in Colombia. He lived in Minca, a small town on the Caribbean coast of Colombia next to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and currently lives in Pasto with his wife, Adriana, and his son.

Julio Delgado

Julio gave up a lucrative career in advertising, working as a jingles/music composer to go birding 6 years ago and has never looked back. In March 2018 on a PICULET BIRDING (Cali Tours) expedition, close to Mocoa Putumayo, Julio photographed for the first time in Colombia a new species for our country. These first pictures were key to register the Red-crested Finch for the first time in Colombia. Julio knows bird vocalizations, uses playback in a responsible way, and has great insight about the behavior and identifications of birds.

Manuel Cardona

Juan is a very skilled birder with more than five years of experience as birding guide. He lives at Otun Quimbaya Flora and Fauna Sanctuary and has been a local guide there for several years. He began working for Cali Tours two years ago and has excelled as a kind, knowledgeable, and skilled guide. Juan is a master at identifying the songs and calls of the birds and uses the playback in a very responsible and effective way.

Ivan Alejandro Lau

Born in Caracas Venezuela in 1989, Ivan got his Biology degree from Universidad Central de Venezuela in 2015, focussing in biogeographic studies of neotropical montane species. Between 2013 and 2016 he worked as a research assistant for Provita NGO, assigned to the project “Red List of Threatened Species.”. In Colombia he has guided tours to many different regions of the country. Recently he developed the ornithological component for the Cañón del Chicamocha candidacy as a Unesco World Heritage site, led by the Guayacanal foundation.

Claudia Cardozo

Claudia is the PICULET BIRDING General Manager, and it is through her good work that our tours run so smoothly, efficiently, punctually, and precisely. Lawer, Claudia has a thorough understanding of business in Colombia and beyond. Claudia is the administrative backbone of our company, and her spontaneity and friendliness are two of her best attributes. She has a Daughter, Isabella, and currently lives in Cali with Isabella and her husband, Julio Delgado.

Erik Playe

Erik has been a casual birder all his life, but became an avid birder during his two years living and teaching in Colombia. Erik went on a tour with Piculet Birding, and had so much fun that he has become a passionate birder and the USA Agent for the company. He hopes to help the company expand its clientele, but more importantly, he wants to help birders in the U.S. discover the amazing birds of Colombia!